Tailored Solutions

Due to the complexity of their organization or their activity certain companies require a tailored solution that will meet their business objectives. At Arggo we are always ready to design the most sophisticated solutions creating intuitive, user friendly interfaces.

Flow Designer

With a vast experience in a multitude of industries (Retail, Services, Real Estate, Utilities, Production, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Hospitality) we approach each client visualizing the entire process, from Business Process Reengineering, system analysis, through the final implementation and on-going support.

Timeqode gives us the flexibility to create custom made applications by optimizing end-to-end business processes and giving organizational leaders the ability to have a transparent, centralized image of the company’s activity.


Save Time

Our clients benefit by saving time through improved efficiency. Users need to put in less effort for the same or even better results for the business.

Flexibility to build any complex process

Timeqode allows you to build complex processes by splitting them in smaller building blocks.

Better control of business flows

By studying the performance of each step in the process, you can gain a better understanding of the overall business activity, further enabling you to adapt or modify the flow of each business process.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Every process that can be automated, should be. This will free up time day-to-day and lead to faster responses in time-sensitive situations.

Increase productivity

Automated monitoring reveals the performance of each business process without relying on labor-intensive manual techniques.

Eliminate printed documents

Using Timeqode plugins for digital storage solutions, templates generator and digital signature you can completely eliminate printed documents in your flows.

Boost customer satisfaction

With leaner processes and increased productivity, employees are better able to focus on the customer.

Reduce errors

Identical problems are addressed the same way and each task is executed the way it was planned and designed. By following a standardized process, your employees are significantly less likely to make mistakes.

Generate better services and products

Greater understanding of each business process can lead to savings in costs, increases in revenues and improvements in company efficiency.

Reduced time to market

One key feature of Timeqode is that it facilitates the design of processes that are flexible. You get the flexibility of making changes to processes with minimal costs.

Increase security and compliance

Easily create better-designed, executed and monitored processes which can help reduce the risk of fraud.

Create intuitive applications

Using modern UI and UX standards you bridge the communication gap between end users and business consultants.

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