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Arggo Consulting and Encorsa initiated a partnership to help as many companies as possible to digitalize their business processes – We are delighted to work with Encorsa, helping businesses with their digital transformation regardless of the industry they activate in. Details about the technological partnership, for our Timeqode platform with Encorsa, can be found in this article.
November 11th 2021

Arggo Consulting's event Arggo Infusions about the digitalization of business processes - Our colleague, Alexandru Radu in an article about the digitalization business processes within any companies signed by Don’t miss out a brand-new article about how companies can build their own business application faster and cost-efficiently.
November 09th 2021

Digitalization - the focal point of business strategy for companies

About the digitalization as central point of the business strategy for companies, wrote Biz magazine. The article also mentions our annual Arggo Infusions event where you can learn more about the Timeqode platform and what we should consider when we want to automate business processes.
November 08th 2021

Arggo Consulting’s Timeqode platform - time-as-a-service for people and businesses – Business Review talked to our colleague, Alexandru Radu, about the company’s low-code platform Timeqode and its benefits, and about Arggo Consulting’s clients who use or build business applications based on the Timeqode platform.
October 27th 2021

The digitalization processes within any company using the Timecode platform – To digitize processes or workflows within any organization, regardless of the industry they belong to, the company Arggo Consulting specialized in developing business software and consulting solutions has developed the low-code Business Process Management platform - Timeqode.
October 19th 2021

Timeqode platform and time-as-a-service model of Arggo Consulting

Invited to #2021 HEALTH SUMMIT organized by Newsweek Romania magazine, our colleague Razvan Ghenu, discussed about the latest technological solutions for smart medicine: Arggo's Healthcare solution. A tailor-made and user-friendly application addressing to all medical institutions, optimized for navigation across the unified work system of different medical departments.
October 05th 2021

Timeqode - low-code platform designed for rapid development of user-friendly applications – Arggo Consulting, a company specialized in software development and consulting services, creates and implements business solutions for companies operating in virtually all industries. In addition to the solutions developed by Microsoft, its own Business Process Management platform, named Timeqode, plays an important role in the Arggo Consulting’s product portfolio.
October 05th 2021

Timeqode platform that speeds up the process digitalization within any company - In a period of constant change when adaptability is imperative, we provide companies the necessary tools and knowledge to help them regain their lost time and invest it more wisely. Our long-term vision is to provide time-as-a-service through process digitalization for companies worldwide.
September 20th 2021

Arggo launches its own Business Process Management platform - Timeqode - Arggo Consulting launches its own Business Process Management platform - Timeqode, a low-code platform that speeds up the digitization process within any company. Without requiring any programming knowledge, our Timeqode platform enables rapid visual modeling of web applications that can then be accessed from any device.
September 17th 2021



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