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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about timeqode.

Timeqode is a low-code business process management platform aiming to develop web applications using modern interfaces. Due to the simple working mode, even users who do not have advanced knowledge of software development can create new applications or make changes to existing ones. Timeqode allows users to define their own interfaces, data models, business logic and process diagrams. With the help of plugins, integration can be created between the developed applications and an ERP or CRM solution, or any system that provides an Application Programming Interface (API).

There are two ways:

  • You can purchase the platform as a full access subscription (Platform as a Service), which allows the beneficiary to internally develop any flow within the company and then use it with an unlimited number of users.

  • You can describe a flow and, based on specifications, Arggo Consulting will estimate development costs and deliver the custom flow, following which you will only be required to pay a user count based subscription price.

Timeqode offers the freedom to create any kind of flow. From simple intersystem synchronization services to monitoring applications that have only one status and user interface, to complex processes with dozens of states that manage a whole business of production, banking, medical, food and so on.

The development costs of a flow are only estimated as soon as a specification document exists. For the most accurate estimation, we recommend a full analysis, carried out together with the Arggo Consulting team. There is also the case of the client having the procedures and flows well defined and documented beforehand.

After the flow development, access can be gained based on a monthly subscription priced upon the user count. An unlimited user option is also available.

Arggo Consulting, as a gold Microsoft partner, can also provide you with Cloud infrastructure in Azure to store your platform, for a fee.

The flows developed in Timeqode are intuitive and responsive web applications, meaning they can be accessed from any browser or mobile device you have. Some flows are also much easier to develop and cost less in Timeqode versus in an ERP. Timeqode allows the use of the API of any system with the advantage that there are no constraints on the interface and data model of the developed application.

It should also be considered that applications can be developed to be used in B2B, with contributors having the option of sending information directly to your application (orders, requests, information) that can then be linked to the ERP.

In order to create a flow in Timeqode, knowledge of HTML, CSS, basics of relational data models and logical, analytical thinking are useful so as to find the best solution for the business requirement.

The administration application and client application are developed using AngularJS. The Timeqode Backend is developed using the .Net Framework and Microsoft SQL/Azure SQL databases.

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