The Timeqode Banking solution can revolutionize the banking industry by simplifying the creation of applications for any type of workflow. It can be implemented in banking for a wide variety of workflows, from customer acquisition, retention processes and credit scoring, to risk analysis, customer service and ticketing.


Essential Elements

Easily defined, highly automated lending processes that include:

web lending request forms with validation
back-office validation forms
scoring model
automatic contract generation
integrated with internal banking systems (e.g. automatic loan disbursement)
mortgage requests

Daily process that swipes all active loans:

daily process that swipes all active loans
performs various checks and validations of client's liability and status
triggers alerts(email/sms)
performs various blocks/unblocks of client's credit line via integrations with the bank's systems (EWS - early warning signals)

Automated processes for:

activation / deactivation of banking products (accounts, cards, internet banking)
or other required processes like KYC (Know Your Customer) that include front-office / web forms with validations, contract generation, integration with banking systems.

Automated processes to manage all client requests/incidents:

web forms for clients
backoffice forms for call center
automatic email replies (confirmations, status update - resolution)
website integration for automatic scoring
internet banking integration

contract administration with suppliers
approval flow
document administration (database storage, SharePoint, Cloud)
integration with ERP solutions
payments tracking

client evaluation forms
application loan log
automatic forms generation
document management
recognize scanned documents through barcode

Web User Interface

Friendly and responsive web UI, that allows for seamless workflow where ever you are, between all screen sizes and devices.


The Banking solution is highly configurable and does not follow a standard pricing plan.

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