A tailor-made, fully customizable application addressing medical institutions: hospitals, dental clinics and assisted living facilities, optimized for navigation across the unified work system of all medical departments via an intuitive, user-friendly interface.



The application can be configured in order to meet all the specific operational and administrative requirements of any medical institution. Its comprehensive dashboards offer great visibility and control.

Optimal patient scheduling is important to improve efficiency. The intuitive interface provides both patients and medical staff with an easy way to schedule appointments, check availability and choose specific specialties and doctors.

The application centralizes and offers instant access to all patient medical records, data and analytics for an accurate and fast diagnosis.

Focuses on all patient-centric operations which enables viewing and editing patient details and interaction history.

Doctors can always access a patient's treatment plan along with its status which leads to minimized errors and delays in providing patient care.

Doctors and administrative personnel can generate and print the documents needed to obtain consent regarding potential risks.

Doctors can communicate and authorize via the application lab tests. Dentist can order dental work to be done by the lab according to specifications (ex. depending on the phase of the treatment, technical specification etc.). In both cases the application gives the green light to the lab when the patient has made the necessary payments.

Administrative personnel and doctors, regardless of their specialization, must log in the system and have restricted access to application modules.

The application can be integrated with relevant systems, such as: ERP (data collection, invoicing, price lists, inventory etc.), cash register (allowing the system to incorporate in the invoice all specific treatment services) and others.

Web User Interface

Friendly and responsive web UI, that allows for seamless workflow where ever you are, between all screen sizes and devices.


The Healthcare solution is highly configurable and does not follow a standard pricing plan.

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